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Dr. Kimberly Wolfe

Dr. Kimberly Wolfe is a native of Bamberg, SC and was educated by the Bamberg District 1 school system. She graduated with honors from Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School in 1998 and received a full, academic scholarship to South Carolina State University, where she majored in Business Education. After graduating summa cum laude in December, 2001, she immediately began graduate studies at SCSU with an emphasis in school counseling. While completing her Master’s degree requirements, Kimberly was simultaneously employed as a business teacher at Allendale-Fairfax high school where she also served as senior class advisor. Once Kimberly graduated with her Master’s of Education, she decided to relocate to Columbus, OH and pursue her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Educational Policy and Leadership at The Ohio State University, with specializations in Workforce Development and Organizational Behavior. Dr. Wolfe graduated in 2008 and became employed as a high school administrator; she still serves in this capacity.

Dr. Wolfe is extremely devoted to educating others, especially with regard to career and technical (or vocational) education. She asserts that proper career preparation, planning and exposure are essential for professionally developing youth and adults. Serving as executive director of The SEKOTS Foundation allows Kimberly an outlet to share the knowledge and experiences she has gained to assist others with realizing their dreams and maximizing their potential. She believes that those from rural areas are often left behind because there is a lack of knowledge about available options on so many levels. Wolfe states that “Oftentimes, those from inner cities are targeted by special interest groups and are inundated with special programs and initiatives geared toward making students aware of available resources and helping them achieve academically, professionally and socially. We ‘country folks’ are often left out, but we need to know as well. Additionally, we need resources to help transform our dreams into fruition. I will not sit back and wait for someone else to do what I know the Lord has equipped me to do. Therefore, I am committed to providing whatever resources and guidance that are accessible to me to assist my hometown people in reaching their goals, just as I have.”


Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Wolfe, The SEKOTS Foundation will prove beneficial to the residents of Bamberg County on numerous levels. This organization aims to equip people with the skills they need to become self-sufficient citizens. We are true to our mission of “Expanding Horizons, Supporting Dreams, and Making a Difference in Bamberg County.”

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