The SEKOTS Foundation's primary purpose is to assist local college students with college related financial needs.

SEKOTS is an acronym for:

Strive for Excellence.

Every day is a new opportunity for a new beginning.

Knowledge is surely power.

Optimism is your best friend.

Teach yourself something new every day.

Strength is what God arms us with to get over is in your life.

The SEKOTS (Se'kots or saykots) Foundation aspires to assist anyone who has a strong desire and commitment to realizing their academic potential. Additionally, our organization takes a special interest in supporting those who have overcome insurmountable hardships and obstacles to access their dreams of obtaining higher education.


One of our major goals is to increase the number of scholarships that we offer to the youth of Bamberg County, every year. We also strive to assist adults who need a helping hand due to an unfortunate temporary circumstance that they may have developed in their lives. We are a 501 (c) (3) organization.


The SEKOTS Foundation rewards perseverance through adversity by awarding higher education scholarships to deserving youth in Bamberg County and work to assist residents who may qualify for temporary assistance for a variety of reasons.

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